Historic and Affordable

It was a love of community paired with a lot of hard work that helped Leo Heikkinen’s vision for a municipal golf course take flight in the greens east of Prentice.

The Prentice Municipal Golf Course has been serving golfers since the 1950s on a plot of land purchased by Leo Heikkinen.  The earliest course brought players onto the Prentice airport’s runway, which was a 2,000-foot grass airstrip.  This meant golfers had to clear the way at the sight of incoming planes.  After seeing the interest in golf, Leo worked hard to develop the rest of the course out of the existing landscape.  The nine hole course that was designed was a 2,500 yard par 34, and it stood that way for over 50 years.  The Prentice Community Clubhouse was added in 1973 thanks to donations from Leo and his wife Norma Heikkinen.  Community members also stepped up in support of the addition, donating money and helping out with fundraising efforts.

Recenty, members of that same community came together to support a big overhaul at the Prentice Pines Golf Course (the new name of the course).  In 2013, Village of Prentice Public Works Director Dale Andreae steered various aspects of the updates, including a clubhouse remodel, new putting green, and redesign of the first three holes.  Andreae was backed in his efforts by volunteers from the Prentice High School golf team and the Men’s League.  The volunteer force lent a hand primarily with building three new tee boxes and redoing the course’s watering system.  The new layout makes better use of the space available on the course and brings the water features more into play, yet it opens with a straight forward par 4 that gets golfers off and going with a great birdie or par chance.  The redesign brought the first three holes from par three, four, and three to par four, four and three and the overall course from a par 34 to par 35.

In addition to work on the course, the clubhouse was renovated to accommodate a roomier pro-shop. The meeting space and restrooms were also given a facelift. Among other tweaks, restrooms were made handicapped accessible.  A big thanks goes out to all who supported the most recent overhaul of the Prentice Pines Golf Course, a site with a long history of serving both the recreational and functional needs of the community.

  • Affordable

    Fridays cost only $5 per nine holes, cheaper than lunch at most places.

  • Family Friendly

    With a par of 35 but under 3000 yards, Prentice Pines is the perfect course to learn to golf or challenge a group of friends.

  • Newly Renovated

    In 2013, Prentice Pines underwent a renovation of the first three holes on the course. Come out and enjoy the recently redesigned holes, set around two beautiful ponds.

Pro-shop Hours
Monday – Thursday
8 A.M. – 7 P.M.

Friday – Sunday
8 A.M. – 7 P.M.

Prentice Pines Golf Course
403 Center Street, Prentice, WI 54556
(715) 428-2127

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Prentice Pines is an affordable, family-friendly course in Prentice, WI, and does not require tee times. Show up today for first-come, first-served family-fun golf.

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