Hole 1 – Coach

A great starter hole. A short and sweet shot at birdie. No trouble here. Let it fly!

Hole 2 – North by Northwest

Hole 1 got you going, now watch out! Hole 2 demands an accurate tee shot of around 220 yards. Don't hit your approach over this green, as it's the steepest on the course. Almost no chance at par from behind the green.

Hole 3 – Lion

The shortest hole on the course, but one of the toughest. You're only miss here is long left. Good luck!

Hole 4 – Watertower

A tricky driving hole for the longer hitter as it is a blind shot to the fairway. Aim for the watertower!

Hole 5 – Miller’s Pond

With a solid drive off this tee, you'll have the green light to go for this par 5 in two. Beware of Miller's Pond, though! It's been known to gobble up more than just golf balls.

Hole 6 – OffCenter

A great risk/reward hole! Hit a good drive and you're staring at birdie. Be careful, though; golf balls flying here are closer than they appear.

Hole 7 – High Stakes

Deceptively difficult to hit this green. Betcha you won't.

Hole 8 – Eagle

The easiest hole on the course. Hit a good drive and go for that big birdie!

Hole 9 – Landing

Almost home. Just focus and bring it in smooth.